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New Wiedemann for Walsh Waste

We were delighted to recently deliver another Wiedemann Super 1000-OW to Walsh Waste in Galway. Walsh Waste are no strangers to the Wiedemann range of vehicles having already built up a significant fleet of Wiedemann trucks over the years ranging from Recyclers, to Specialist ADR and Jet-Vac units. During this delivery we were happy to surprise them with a second truck delivery, also in their eye-catching company colours, albeit a model one!

This latest Wiedemann addition to the fleet is built on a Mercedes Actros 2543 which was supplied by Kinahan Commercials. The vehicle has been designed to maximise tank volume while at the same time minimising the wheelbase, making it highly manoeuvrable even in tight city streets or country lanes and driveways.

The high efficiency Wiedemann liquid-ring vacuum pump delivers 3000 m3/hr and the 25m length of primary suction hose is quickly, safely and easily deployed via the combined boom which has a significant reach to the rear and either side of the vehicle. The secondary suction hose reel mounted on the side of the vehicle holds over 30m of suction hose and is electro-hydraulically operated. Whether tank emptying or deep lift applications, this truck certainly has the power and the reach to get the job done.

On the High pressure side the vehicle is equipped with a URACA KD 716 delivering 333 l/min at 170 Bar. Hose reels include 220m of 1” hose as well as 100m of ½” hose, all hose reels have automatic hose layering equipment as well as meter counting systems. As is the case with all jetting machines, the jetting system is not complete without a suitable range of nozzles. Walsh Waste are certainly equipped to tackle even the most difficult jobs with the comprehensive range of nozzles on-board such as high efficiency desilting and blockage nozzles as well as the hugely powerful ENZ Bulldog Nozzle.

The 13,000 litre fully stainless steel tank is divided between water and sludge using the Wiedemann hydraulic piston. This piston system offers significant operational and safety benefits over conventional vacuum/pressure operated piston systems. The hydraulic piston can be positioned at any point along the tank and not just at pre-defined locking points, this means that the operator can choose from an almost infinite amount of tank division ratios.

Emptying debris from the tank is also a much more controlled and safer activity than with conventional pistons, the hydraulic piston pushes the debris from the tank in a controlled manner right to the very end of the tank. There is no risk of “piston slap”, this can happen with conventional pistons as the pressure behind the piston causes it to “jump” and collide at speed with the piston stoppers at the rear of the tank. Generally when this happens the piston itself becomes damaged and has to be removed from the tank to be repaired. It is clear that Walsh Waste place a high regard on safety and efficient operations when we see them incorporate such technologies as the hydraulic piston in their vehicles. The piston is completely automated, the piston position can be set and monitored on the LCD information display screen at the control panel.

To further enhance the safety, welfare and comfort of the operator, the vehicle includes various equipment such as heated clothes lockers, hydraulic lifting winch, bespoke storage locker solutions, Full radio remote with LCD information display panel, Hygiene station and all around work zone lighting package.

UTS would like to thank Walsh Waste for their continued business and wish them the best of luck with this latest addition to their ever growing fleet of Wiedemann trucks.

About Walsh Waste:
Based in Galway, Walsh Waste is a family-owned and managed company providing waste collection services across the domestic, commercial, industrial and building sectors. Their complete waste management service incorporates the collection and safe disposal of solid and liquid waste. Further information available at