UTS Smoke Machine – Hire

The “UTS-Smoke-Kit-Plus” makes identifying leaks in drains and pipes dramatically easier & cleaner. Potentially identifying leaks in minutes that without the aid of high quality artificial smoke would take hours. Producing a persistent water-based non-toxic smoke. The smoke can travel through hundreds of metres of drains. The unit runs off of water based Aerosols which re-seal after use, so they can be used time and time again until exhausted. We can also provide accessories such as drain bags, drain bags with 1″ bore through tube, drain stoppers


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The “UTS-Smoke-Kit-Plus” allows you to operate off power (once pre-heated), you can produce a large volume of smoke using the retained energy within the precision engineered heat exchanger. This allows the user to carry the smoke generator around, making smoke as required, without a trailing electrical lead. Once the unit has been pre-heated the “UTS-Smoke-Kit-Plus” will generate high quality smoke for around 2 minutes (continuous max output). When connected to the mains, the unit will operate continuously at maximum output.

UTS Smoke Kit Plus Contents:
• 1.1kw smoke machine x 1
• 25mm hose adapter x 1
• 2m heavy duty hose and 1″ bag connector x 1
• Refillable Smoke Aerosol x 1
• 5 litre smoke fluid x 1