ROM EcoFit

Maximum power, versatility and optimal comfort. The revolutionary ROM EcoFit is built to carry out the toughest work. If you choose our ‘Beast’, you will benefit from the latest sewer cleaning technologies every day. A 270˚-rotatable high-pressure reel, iROM controller, and the unique “ROM 3-reel system” results in a superior machine that allows you to deal with any blockage. With a cleaning pressure up to 250 bar, and a water capacity up to max. 130 l/min, the EcoFit is suitable for unblocking and cleaning domestic sewage connections and main sewer systems up to Ø600 mm.

“ROM 3-reel system” for maximum usability
The EcoFit comes with two hydraulically-operated reels as standard. A unique feature is that the reels are also suitable for high-pressure hoses with a larger diameter and longer lengths. This means you can use it to clean pipes with larger diameters and for longer distances. You can equip a reel with 120 m 5/8” or 3/4” high-pressure hose for pipes of Ø200 – 600 mm and the second reel equipped with a 120 ½” high-pressure hose for cleaning pipes from Ø70 – 200 mm. You even have an optional choice for a third reel with a water filling hose. This creates countless possibilities.

Economical and powerful engines
As standard, the unit is equipped with a powerful Kubota turbo diesel engine. This means increased power, compact size, lighter weight, fewer emissions (better for the environment) and less noise pollution. And also important…more efficient consumption, which means less refuelling and a healthier wallet. And we have even gone a step further. The machine is also available with an environmentally-friendly Kubota Stage V common-rail turbo diesel engine.


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  • Unblocking and cleaning (sewer) pipes up to Ø600 mm
  • Façade, surface and drainage cleaning and removal of light graffiti


  • Insertion range: Ø600 mm
  • Drive: 33 kW/45 hp KUBOTA V1505T EU Stage IIIB Diesel of 44 kW/60 hp KUBOTA V2403-CR-T EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4 Diesel
  • High-pressure pump: Speck | 200 bar/72 lpm | 150 bar/100 lpm | 250 bar/60 lpm | 200 bar/100 lpm | 160 bar/130 lpm
  • Two 270˚ rotatable and hydraulically-operated reels (180˚ +90˚)
  • Reel 1:
    Hydraulically-driven high-pressure reel
    Suitable for max. 120 m ½”, 120 m 5/8” or 120 m 3/4” Trelljet
    Delivered with high-pressure hose: 80m. ½” (ND13), 80 m. 3/4” (ND20) or 80 m. 5/8” (ND16)
    Hose entry guide, rotating iROM control system and stainless-steel drip tray
  • Reel 2:
    Hydraulically-driven water filling hose reel incl. 50m. 3/4” water hose (ND 20)
    Optional: replace water filling hose reel for 2nd hydraulically-operated high-pressure reel (max. 120 m ½”)
  • Reel 3 (optional):
    Extra, manually-operated water filling hose reel incl. 50m. 3/4” water hose (ND20). Reel 2 is then equipped with a 2nd hydraulically-operated high-pressure version, which means the filling function is no longer applicable on reel 2
  • High-pressure pump protection: Dry running protection
  • Pressure regulator: continuously adjustable
  • Water tank: 800, 1000 of 1350 litres
  • Fuel tank: 30 litres
  • Operation: iROM control system, incl. daylight display with, among other things, hour and rev counter and automatic service interval indicator.
    Remote control: optional 8 or 10 buttons (press on/off, stepless speed control, information feedback via LED, emergency stop and more)
  • Weight: from 750 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): from 1530 x 1370 x 1590 mm
  • Nozzles: spray nozzle 33 fore with rear drive and spray nozzle 36 rear
  • Accessories: Spray lance with flat jet spray nozzle, spray nozzle rack mounted on machine
  • Colour: orange cover, anthracite metal frame


  • 200 bar – 75l/min | 42,5kW / 58pk KUBOTA WG1605 EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4 Industrial Petrol engine
  • 200 bar – 72l/min | 33kW / 45pk KUBOTA V1505CR-T EU Stage V Diesel
  • 155 bar – 100l/min | 42,5kW / 58pk KUBOTA WG1605 EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4 Industrial Petrol engine
  • 150 bar – 100l/min | 33kW / 45pk KUBOTA V1505CR-T EU Stage V Diesel
  • 200 bar – 100l/min | 44kW / 60pk KUBOTA V2403-CR-T EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4
  • 160 bar – 130l/min | 44kW / 60pk KUBOT A V2403-CR-T EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4