RD312 Metal Cover Detector

The RD312 locator sets a new standard of simplicity and dependability for finding valve box covers, vault covers and manhole covers lost under blacktop, concrete or grass.


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  • Easy two button operation, ON/RESET and OFF.
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment for peak performance.
  • Advanced electronics makes location less time consuming. n Variable audio tone indicates presence of buried object.
  • Angle and height of search head fully adjustable.
  • Waterproof search head allows use in shallow water.
  • Lightweight, telescoping design for easy storage.


  • The RD312 locator finds metal covers at depths down to:
  • 4 in (10 cm) cast iron cover 12 in (30 cm).
  • 6 in (15 cm) cast iron cover 16 in (41 cm).
  • 4 in (10 cm) plastic cover with metal plate 8 in (20 cm).
  • Cast iron cover 17 in (43 cm) x 12 in (30 cm) 24 in (61 cm).
  • Galvanized steel cover 25 in (63 cm) x 19 in (48 cm) 30 in (76 cm). n Cast iron cover 25 in (63 cm) x 19 in (48 cm) 30 in (76 cm).
  • Ignores buried metal trash.
  • No interference from passing vehicles.