MagTec Manhole Lifting Set

Manhole Buddy Steel Lifting Trolley with MagTec Mega Magnet.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quick and easy to assemble/deploy
  • Safer method of lifting manhole covers
  • High leverage point for unseating seized covers
  • Adjustable to user height for maimum comfort

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Manhole Buddy manhole cover lifters are inherently safer than most manhole lifting systems. Firstly, when using the cover lifting trolley, the operator stands over one metre from the raised manhole cover and the open chamber. Secondly, lifting of the manhole cover is achieved by pushing downwards on the lifting trolley handle; this action incurs minimal risk of lifting or twisting injuries. Since the wheeled trolley is akin to a lever system, only a modest physical input by the operator is required to lift a typical 50 to 60 kg manhole or drain cover.

With the Manhole Buddy MagTec magnetic manhole lifter configuration, there is no need to remove dirt and debris from the manhole cover key slots, which represents a significant time saving on every cover lifted. Similarly, there is no need to fit and secure lifting keys. For this reason, the Manhole Buddy MagTec is the fastest cover lifting method available for lifting metallic manhole and drain covers.