Rausch Delta Push Camera

Mobile control unit DELTA for inspecting property drainage pipes or with an integrated PC for documentation via the SmartCommander sewer detection software in the DELTA pro version.


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Monitor (rotatable and foldable):

  • Protection class: IP65 (high-strength plastic housing)
  • Size: 8.4 “(21cm) TFT display, scratch-resistant
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 (SVGA)
  • Dual display of PC and video image, sunlight-compatible, including sun visor

Control unit:

  • Main switch
  • Multifunctional finger joystick with 3 axes for camera control (rotate, pan, focus) and lighting control
  • Membrane keyboard (glove operation)
  • Industrial trackball with optical ball scanning for PC operation (only with DELTA pro)

PC / data acquisition (only with DELTA pro):

  • Embedded PC, Intel Processor (1.6GHz) and operating system XP embedded
  • Image and video digitization in JPG or MPEG 2/4 format
  • 2GB DDR memory as well as 2GB onboard SSD and 80GB Sata SSD
  • 3x USB 2.0 and Ethernet interface
  • 720×576 (PAL) and 720×480 (NTSC) resolution
  • Integrated SmartCommander acquisition software for documentation of the inspection on site, including video recording, determination of the pipe run and free viewer version
  • The path length is measured using a measuring wheel with high measuring accuracy (resolution 1mm)

Additional functionality:

  • Wide wheelbase for good stability, pull-out transport handle, handles and shoulder strap
  • Storage compartment
  • Manual parking brake for reel body
  • Connection for external monitor
  • Complete protection of all controls in the transport position of the monitor
  • High service friendliness due to modular structure

Combination options DELTA and DELTA pro:

  • From DN 50 with camera SAT 40 and SAT 42 , always correct image and location transmitter.
  • From DN 100 with circular and swivel head camera KS 60 CL or KS 60 DB , always correct image, location transmitter, PIN for navigation in further branches.
  • Optional: Operation of explosion-proof camera KS 60 DB-Ex
  • Optional: extension with in-house test equipment for leak testing

Technical specifications:

  • Protection class: IP65 (high-strength plastic housing)
  • Max. Cable length: 80m
  • Dimensions: 707 x 595 x 381 mm (monitor in transport position)
  • Weight: approx. 22 kg (incl. 80m push cable)
  • Explosion protection: according to 94/9 / EG in connection with camera KS 60 CL-Ex
  • Operation on the main cable: on all digital noise TV systems
  • Power supply: 110 – 230V AC / 50-60 Hz; additional AC voltage output available;
  • Operation via car battery (miniature inverter); Power consumption max. 30-60 W.