WinCan ProTouch


Developed for the Professional Inhouse Inspection

WinCan ProTouch was developed for the use with push cameras. A very simple data entry via touch screen and without mouse or keyboard as well as a very big area for the video picture are the key factors of this software package. ProTouch can optionally create a 3-dimensional plan of the inspection. This plan can be printed or saved as AutoCad DXF file.

Key Benefits of Wincan ProTouch

  • Very simple touch-screen user interface with extra BIG BUTTONS.
  • You can measure bends and lateral angles with a specialized tool.
  • The data can be imported into WinCan v8 without data conversion.
  • ProTouch can read the distance data out of the screen via character recognition. That means that you do not need expensive textgenerator hardware nor do you need to type in the distance information, because it is automatically recognized from the video screen.
  • Create high quality MPEG Videos and take pictures.
  • Create professional reports of the video inspection.
  • Compatible with WinCan v8.
  • Create a schematic drawing of the site with ProTouch
  • It is possible to create a PDF report and send it via email directly from ProTouch

Measuring bends and connection angles

  • With WinCan ProTouch you also get the PhotoAssistant module. This module helps to measure different angles or the waterlevel.
  • Additionally the PhotoAssistant allows to measure surfaces like intruding roots which reduce the pipe diameter.

Export the inspection as DXF-file

  • The WinCan ProTouch can visualize the inspection as 3-dimensional plan.
  • You can correct the plan with drag & drop tools.
  • You can deliver the end-result with a free viewer software to the client.


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