WinCan GIS


Seamless Integration of WinCan Data into ArcGIS 9.3 and 10

The integration of inspection data into GIS systems like ArcGIS can be a cumbersome task. The original data has to be converted and even some important fields cannot be linked at all to the GIS. With WinCan GIS you can create observation shapefiles and directly link into the ArcGIS without the need for an intermediary data conversion.

Key Benefits of WinCan GIS

  • Direct integration of WinCan inspection data into ArcGIS without data conversion
  • Write your Wincan observations directly into GIS as a point shape file. This shape file contains information like X/Y coordinates, observation code, video-file name, defect scoring, …
  • Create a graphical pipe overview
  • Start the WinCan GIS directly from within ArcGIS with just a button click
  • Compare WinCan pipe header data with original GIS data and see the differences (e.g. different pipe materials). This allows the user to update the GIS data to the correct values
  • Management of Work Orders and WinCan projects

Key features of WinCan GIS

  • Review of the inspection data
  • Review of the inspection video
  • Basic inspection report
  • Filter the data and show selected sections in the map
  • Write shapefile with observation points
  • Create a WinCan project through selected pipe segments in the ArcGIS

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