Vacuum Trailer



ROM Vacuum Trailers are ideally suited for emptying grease pits, septic tanks and cesspits. It is also perfect for suction works, such as the drainage of flooded basements and garages. You can choose from diverse tanksizes and pumpcapacities. The most sold type is the trailer with a 1600 litres vacuumtank and a pumpcapacity of 4000 l/min. (MEC 4000).

With the durable ROM Trailers you are ensured of an efficient and effective deployment of your machine. ROM offers you a maximum of mobility and flexibility. Multi storey car parks, for example, are easily accesible.


  • Efficient and effective deployment of your machine.
  • Compact design; ideally suited for areas which are difficult to access, such as city centres and car parks.
  • All components are placed at an ergonomic height and are are extremely user-friendly.
  • Professional design, where special attention has been paid to both functionality and exterior of the machine.


Several suction works, such as emptying grease pits, septic tanks, cesspits and the drainage of flooded basements and garages.


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