Vacuum Pick-up

ROM VAC 1750 vacuum trailer (40)
ROM VAC 1750 vacuum trailer (40)Vacuum-Pick-upVacuum-Pick-up2Vacuum-Pick-up1


The ROM VAC Pick-up units are suited for the simple emptying of grease traps, septic tanks and cesspits in areas which are difficult to access, such as schoolyards and shopping centres. Besides this, the ROM VAC Pick-up units are also suitable for the removal of excess water after flooding problems.

The VAC ROM Pick-up units are available in various designs (600 ltr. – 2000 ltr. tanks). The VAC units offer mobility and flexibility. An ideal opportunity to expand your activities.


  • Safe working conditions, thanks to the floating ball valve in the tank (over suction protection), the moisture trap with sight glass, the vacuum valve (set to -/- 0.6 bar) and the combined oil separator/exhaust silencer.
  • Very durable because of its robust and galvanised design.
  • Easy to (re)place on a trailer or a van with an open bucket via a handy steel frame to which fork-lift sleeves are fixed.
  • Professional design, where attention was devoted to both the functionality and looks of the machine.


Perfect for the simple emptying of grease traps, septic tanks and cesspits in areas which are difficult to access, like schoolyards and shopping centres.


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