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The ROM TYPE T is a toilet service unit especially developed for emptying and cleaning portable toilet cabins in a very simple and quick manner.

The TYPE T has a 2500 litres vacuum tank and two 600 litres fresh water tanks. The empty weight is approximately 1600kg. We build the unit on your frame. It will be PTO-driven. This unit is suitable for installation in a 7.5 ton vehicle (or similar). You can clean approx. 70 toilet cabins per day with this toilet service unit. Even though the standard ROM TYPE T is very complete, there are a large number of options and accessories available. You can now view the online video ROM TYPE T.



  • PTO driven: standard equipped with hydraulic motors, pumps, oil tank and safety valves
  • Mounting on chassis incl. connection PTO/vehicle
  • Vacuum pump (5.200 l/min.), sprayed in silver metallic anticorrosion paint, incl. automatic oil lubrication
  • Extended lifespan, because both the frame and and the vacuum tank have been completely galvanised
  • Three-compartment tank with 2x fresh water and 1x waste water tank. There are sight-glasses on the side of the tank so you can see the fill level at a glance
  • Simple and quick emptying of the cabins thanks to the included suction hose (ND 50) with a high-quality suction probe and ball valve. A drain hose (ND 75) is also included with the TYPE T
  • All safety measures required, such as an emergency stop, over pressure and under pressure safety valves
  • Double safety valve (prevents over-suctioning)
  • Moisture separator, incl. second ball valve
  • Standard with extendible toilet cabin lashing T-bars, handy suspension system for the suction hose, combined oil separator/muffler, pressure gauge and level indicator
  • CE mark


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  1. Type T PTO product Brochure

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