Super 2000 OW


Features & Benefits

Combined Suction & High pressure hose Boom (patented)

  • Quick setting up times on the manholes – no wasted time trying to connect hoses and manoeuvre  them into place even in difficult to reach places (behind walls etc), maximises production and profitability.
  • Easy and safe for the operator – the easy and safe control of the hoses reduced the risks of the operator sustaining an injury.

Computer Controlled System:

  • Safeguards the machinery – prevents dry running of pumps – prevents pumps being engaged at high rpm etc, keep your service and maintenance costs to a minimum over the life of the machine

Two-tank configuration

  • This two-tank configuration has the advantages of increased truck stability, optimum load distribution and maximum tank volume on a shorter wheelbase than one-tank system.

Vacuum Pumps:

Wiedemann & Reichhardt liquid ring vacuum pumps, designed and manufactured by Wiedemann & Reichhardt

  • Compact size / lightweight construction –  maximises space on the vehicle for storage and also more payload weight available due to the weight savings made on the pump – this allows  a larger payload
  • Low power  input relative to the capacity of the pump – very high efficiency – This means huge fuel savings during the whole life of the machine (many years of fuel cost savings)
  • Quiet operating sound levels of pump

Technical Data

While each machine is manufactured to meet the customer’s needs, and exceed their expectations, we have listed common configurations below. Please contact us if you would like a specification drawn up to suit your requirements.

Sludge Tank Stainless steel
Cylinder shaped
6,000 – 10,000 litre capacity
Water Tank Stainless steel, box-form around and under sludge tank
6,000 litre
Emptying Method Tipping (stainless steel tank or half-pipe ensure complete emptying of tank)
Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pump from 850 m2/hr
Liquid Ring -from 2,000 m2/hr to 4,500 m2/hr
Operating Vacuum 90%
High Pressure pump From 200 l/min
Suction Hose Reel Arranged horizontally on the sludge tank
Electro-hydraulically operated, suction hose diameters up to 180mm
High Pressure hose reel Mounted on boom, Capacity for 220m of 25mm or 180m of 32mm, length counter, automatic hose layering device.
Suction & High Pressure Boom The boom is electro-hydraulically controlled and can rotate 180o around the rear of the vehicle and is telescopic by 1.2 meters. Allows for quick and easy setup at the manhole.
Other equipment Electric pressure & speed control, Pump room soundproofing, large equipment storage cabinets
Options Various options and accessories available

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