Steerable Camera Nozzle (SCaN) System

sputnik head
sputnik head

The Combo Pro Steerable Camera nozzle (SCaN) system is the latest advance in sewer cleaning and inspection technology. This unique system allows the user to Clean, Inspect, Steer, Review and Document in one operation. This innovative and revolutionary system can improve customer service levels and response times as well as improving safety levels of work being carried out. The operator will be in a position to see what is happening in the pipe at the same time that it is being cleaned/unblocked, this means that issues that need further attention can immediately be identified and addressed and because the operator can see where the jet head is at any given time they can avoid dangerous situations such as cross bore strikes or accidentally entering a house connection. The SCaN System will allow the user to carry out work not previously possible such as cleaning and inspection of lateral pipes without having to access the property.

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