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The Wiedemann SPUTNIK nozzle is the latest advance in sewer cleaning and inspection technology. This unique system allows the user to Clean, Inspect, Steer, Review and Document in one operation. This revolutionary system will increase productivity as the operator will know when the pipe is clean and not waste further time and fuel giving the pipe another flush “just to be sure”. This system can lower operation and fuel costs because the operator can adjust the pressure to the optimum level instead of blindly jetting at maximum pressure. The SPUTNIK platform will allow the user to carry out work not previously possible and with further nozzles and attachments still under development you can expect to see even more benefits for the SPUTNIK owners as the range of tools grow.

The SPUTNIK platform is a modular system allowing for the connection of various nozzles and attachments.

Our SPUTNIK-29 consists of a specially designed nozzle with built in colour camera, the design of this nozzle allows it to “Fly” through the pipe. Not only can the user use this to clean and inspect the main pipe but because of the unique Rotary Reel the operator can “Steer” the nozzle from the main pipe through multiple bends in the lateral up to 90 degree

Our SPUTNIK-55 is similar in design to the SPUTNIK-29 but is a larger version of the flying nozzle, this is especially useful for larger pipes where more light and bigger water flows are required for cleaning.

This Spade/Floor cleaner nozzle is designed for large pipe diameters and for heavy de-silting work. The integrated camera allows the user to inspect and view the progress as they are cleaning the pipe.

Watch the SPUTNIK in operation in the following video

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