Robotic Cutter HydroCut 150


Powerful and resilient

The HydroCut 150 is our smallest self-propelled robot. It offers a high-power milling performance. For a secure fit in the pipe the robot is equipped with a bracing unit. A CCD swivel camera and a fixed CCD camera with high performance LED lighting provide a good overview of the workplace.

Working range ID 100 – 350 mm (6” – 14”)
Milling force 4 kW, 20,000 – 30,000 rpm
Camera Frontal and lateral view camera
Weight 25 kg


System components Details
Control Unit HC 3000 For operating all HydroCut milling robots including both grouting and spatual systems
Supply Hose, Push Rods and Hose Reel
With a rotating feed system for both water hoses and electronic cables, and optional water recirculation
Mobile high-pressure system Electrically driven or using a petrol engine

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