Robotic Cutter HC 60 & 100 Compact


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The HydroCut 60 Compact and HydroCut 100 Compact is an extension of our milling robots HydroCut 60 and 100. Both are already equipped with a control unit and an integrated hose reel. That makes work easy and fast.

  • Cutting robot including HC 1000 Control Unit
  • Hose package, 30 m (98 ft.) standard
  • Electric longitudinal feed: HC 60 of 25 mm (1”) | HC 100 of 50 mm (2”)
  • Hydraulic bracing allows working in vertical ‘down’ pipes
  • Precise operating control with two joysticks
  • High-resolution CCD camera with LEDs (HC 100 is equipped with two high-resolution CCD cameras)
  • Camera cleaning using a water flush
  • Positioning by push rods or milling eel or towing rope
  • Accessory case with tools and spare screws
  • HD pressure system with 15 l/min at 200 bar (2,900 psi) fresh water, optional flushing vehicle with bypass use
  • Option – available with jetting unit


System components Details
Control Unit HC 3000 For operating all HydroCut milling robots including both grouting and spatual systems
Supply Hose, Push Rods and Hose Reel
With a rotating feed system for both water hoses and electronic cables, and optional water recirculation
Mobile high-pressure system Electrically driven or using a petrol engine

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