Rausch System Control Units


EcoStar 400

The EcoStar 400 SCU is engineered to facilitate most applications without the need of any add-ons, thus making the EcoStar 400 our most popular and economical SCU’s. Auto-focus, zoom commands and function buttons on the control unit, combined with dual joysticks enable you to simultaneously control the tractor and camera head during your inspection. Rausch’s Mainline Inspection, Lateral Launch, Laser Profiling and Joint Pressure Testing System can all be operated by the EcoStar 400 SCU, making this the only SCU you’ll ever need.


  • Portable & built in options
  • Compact hard case design
  • Powers up to 400mtr of main cable and 170mtr lateral cable
  • Integrated 10-inch monitor


  1.  EcoStar 400 Product Brochure


RCA Proline

If maximum mainline cable length is what you are focusing on, this is the system you need. The RCA Proline is available for vehicle installations only. It performs the same tasks as the EcoStar, but it is based on a much more modular and ergonomic design.


  • 19-inch modular rack
  • Individual circuit board slots
  • Temperature controlled internal fan
  • Extensive service and diagnostics menu
  • Powers up to 550mtr of main cable and 170mtr of lateral cable
  • Integrated breaker circuits


  1.  RCA Proline Product Brochure

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