The ROM PROFESSIONAL is a built-in high pressure sewer cleaner. The unit can be built into closed heavy-duty company vehicles. Its functional design and high quality are significant for this unit. The ROM PROFESSIONAL’s high pressure hose can be set to ½” or ¾”, it is very versatile. The ROM PROFESSIONAL is available with a separate diesel engine or PTO driven.


  • This unit can be build into closed heavy-duty company vehicles
  • Solid and functional design
  • Very versatile because of the optional ½ “and ¾” high pressure hoses
  • It has 3 hydraulic driven reels (including the filling reel). The hp reels can be rotated independently and have collapsible hose guides supported by bearings
  • Maximum performance is achieved at the end of the sewer cleaning hose due to the wide tubes and specially developed low resistance radial flow, which contributes to an optimal output
  • Available with a seperate diesel engine or PTO driven
  • The water pump is hydraulic driven by a pump on the vehicle gearbox. A soft start module ensures that the water pump is switched on and off


The cleaning and draining of house connections and sanitary sewer systems of up to Ø600mm.


  1. Professional product Brochure

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