Power Spin


Chews Through Grease, Lint, & Hair to Unclog Sinks, Tubs & Showers

The new Power-Spin® is stronger than ever, with a heavier gauge cable and sealed drum with molded gasket. The patented AUTOFEED® trigger and MAXCORE® cable power through clogs fast.


Dual Powered Operation

  • Quickly switch between drill or hand power.
  • Can be used with any drill up to 500 RPMs.


  • Equipped with a cable designed for drill powered operation.
  • 25′ of our toughest 1/4″ cable lets you deliver more torque to the clog than previous model.


  • Clean Hands Operation – Avoid mess and minimize job site cleanup.
  • Easily Feeds Cable – Squeeze the trigger and the cable feeds and retracts automatically as the drum turns.


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