The UTS Winter Kit

UTS Winter Kits
UTS Winter Kits

It’s that time of year again where we see temperatures drop and the sight of damaged jetters coming into our workshop rise. Those of you operating ROM machines will be familiar with the Anti-freeze injection system that allows for quick and easy flushing of the jetter with an anti freeze solution.

The team at UTS have developed an add-on kit that allows for even quicker and easier preparation of the jetter against frost. The UTS Winter Kit includes all the equipment including safety valve to allow the user to blow out the water from the machine and hoses using compressed air. Several fittings are available to allow connection to a workshop air line or even a standard tyre inflation air line.

The UTS Winter Kit is the perfect addition to any ROM machine as it will allow the user to dewater the machine at any location that compressed air is available such as a service station or using an on-board compressor. ROM machine users now have two ways to protect against frost and therefore greatly reduce the chances that the machine will suffer frost damage.

To see The UTS Winter Kit in operation please watch the video below.