Arklow Jetting Leading the Way in Wicklow

IMAG02534-3mincam3604-3mincam360 head
IMAG02534-3mincam3604-3mincam360 head

Arklow Jetting & Drain Maintenance recently added the minCam360 Pan & Tilt drain camera system to its growing fleet. This unique and innovative camera system is packed with features from the high resolution Pan, Tilt & Zoom camera head to the integrated multi-frequency location sonde, DVR, text overlay, Bluetooth wireless control and “hot swappable” battery packs for extended operation and much more. This system also incorporates a “Steer” function that allows the camera head to be remotely directed into lateral pipes, this allows the user to inspect pipes that would otherwise not be inspected without carrying out excavation works.

The company is the first in Wicklow to add this technology to their fleet and among one of the first companies in the country to upgrade to the minCam360 . “This new camera system will allow us to provide an enhanced service to our customers, the picture quality is incredibly sharp and because we can now steer the camera head through multiple lateral connections it means that we can provide our customers with the best surveys possible and the least amount of disruption” said Paul Kinsella (Managing Director, Arklow Jetting & Drain Maintenance)

The Team at UTS would like to thank Paul for the business and wish him every success in the future

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