Flexi 1900/1100 PTO


Lightweight and compact, without compromising quality. This is why our ROM FLEXI’s are appreciated worldwide. With high quality and functionality, the ROM FLEXI combines durability, ease of use and reliability you need being a toilet service specialist. This all to ensure you emptying and cleaning more cabins a day in a comfortable way. Because cleaning more cabins means making more profit!

FLEXI 1900/1100 PTO

We build the unit on your frame. It will be PTO-driven. This unit is suitable for installation from 6,5 until 7,5 tons vehicle. The FLEXI 1900/1100 PTO is suitable for emptying and cleaning approx. 55 toilet cabins per day.
The unit has a 1900 liter vacuum tank and three clean water tanks (PE). The first clean water tank (300 liter) is ideal for the high pressure cleaner. You can use the other two clean water tanks (2 x 400 liter) for filling toilet cabins with clean or blue water e.g. Despite the large capacities, the unit’s empty weight is only about 690kg.
Standard equipped with high pressure installation (140 bar – 15 l/min) inclusive Speck pump, reel with automatic winding function and 20m. 3/8” HP sewer jetting hose.
Besides the extensive basic version you have a wide choice of several unique options such as: HP-pump frost damage protection, synthetic box around installation and a parking heating system etc.


  • PTO -driven: standard equipped with. hydraulic oil tank with return filter, hydro pump and hydro engine incl. adaptations to HP-system
  • Mounting on chassis incl. connection PTO/vehicle
  • Lightweight for more loading capacity
  • Compact measurements (maximal space for toilet cabins)
  • Solid construction with thermically galvanised frame and tank (outside and inside)
  • Vacuum pump (4.000 l/min.), sprayed in silver metallic anticorrosion paint, incl. automatic oil lubrication
  • High pressure installation, 140 bar – 15 l/min (Speck pump, reel with automatic winding function and 20 m. 3/8″ HP sewer jetting hose)
  • Heavy-duty toilet cabin lashing T-bar for securing toilet cabins
  • All safety measures required, such as an emergency stop, over pressure and under pressure safety valves
  • Double safety valve (prevents over-suctioning)
  • Moisture separator, incl. second ball valve
  • Robust Hi-Vac toilet vacuum hose, equipped with 2nd suction probe and valve, incl. storage system and suction probe holder
  • CE-mark
  • The FLEXI 1900/1100 is also deliverable in the PICK-UP version


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