ROM EcoNomic im Renault Trafic_bewerkt
ROM EcoNomic hogedruk rioolreiniging_spoelwagen (11)
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Compact, lightweight and optimal comfort. This characterises the new ROM EcoNomic. Add to this the very attractive price and you have made your choice. You benefit from the latest technology, such as our iROM control and the unique swivelling hydraulic high pressure hose reel with hinged guiding system and rotating control panel.


  • Compact and lightweight (from only 495kg), allowing you to take on plenty of water and are left with more (storage)space
  • Suitable for medium-sized commercial vehicles (such as VW Transporter, MB Vito, Renault Trafic / Opel Vivaro, Toyota Hiace and Ford Transit)
  • Powerful KUBOTA engine (liquid cooled) with temperature control and maintenance free stainless steel exhaust
  • Powerful ‘maintenance-free‘ sturdy SPECK high pressure pump with ceramic plungers (cleaning pressure up to 200 bar and a water capacity up to 100l per minute)
  • Optimal and ergonomical ease of use, thanks to swivelling hydraulically driven high pressure reel
  • 180° reach – adjustable to practically in every working position
  • Working sideways onto vehicle (left and right)
  • HP reel is immediately ready for use without having to swivel first and reaches far outside of vehicle’s door opening
  • Hinged hose reel guiding system and rotating control panel
  • iROM operation incl. day light display and water resistant control panel (IP65), with function display (speed/working hour counter etc.) and automatic service-interval indicator
  • Fast filling of the water tank via the water filling hose reel incl. 50m 3/4″ filling hose
  • Standard equipped with many extras. Besides the extensive basic version you have a wide choice of several unique options and accessories


The ROM EcoNomic is suitable for the cleaning of house connections and sanitary sewer systems of up to max. Ø500mm.


  • ROM Industrial remote controls
  • Frost Protection System
  • Traffic Safety Packages ROM Jetting skid-mounted units
  • Oil Spillage Unit
  • Hot water unit
  • Venturi-Type Ejector

ROM EcoNomic Product Brochure


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