Drain Lining

Full-Length Sewer Rehabilitation of Main- and House Sewer
DN 30 – DN 1000 by Inversion method
General Technical approval of
Deutsches Institut für BautechnikNo. Z-42.3-375
DN 100 to DN 400 in connection with resin system epros®EPROPOX HC60 (comp. A+B)No. Z-42.3-468
DN 100 to DN 600 in connection with resin system epros®EPROPOX HC120 (comp. A+B)No. Z-42.3-483
DN 100 to DN 1000 in connection with resin system epros®EPROPOX HC2640 (comp. A+B)No. Z-42.3-466
DN 100 to DN 200 in connection with resin system epros®EPROPOX FC15/FC30 (comp. A+B)
Quality Labels
No. S27.24 (Hot water curing method)
No. S27.33 (Steam curing method)


The epros®DrainLiner method is best suited for the complete renovation of buried damaged gravity sewer pipes and pressurized pipelines.

Perfectly matched and partly proprietary components ensure optimal results in the lining of:

  • House sewers and lateral pipes
  • Pipes inside buildings
  • Main lines in the public area


in nominal diameters from DN 30 to DN 1600
up to DN 800 to handle with epros®Inversion drums
DIBt approval for DN 100 to DN 400



  • Leakage with or without groundwater infiltration or exfiltration at pipe joints, pipe walls, lateral junctions etc.
  • Offset pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures
  • Mechanical wear
  • Corrosion



  • Efficient time-saving installation
  • Repairs damage in the pipe and joint regions even against strong infiltration.
  • Enables installers to close obsolete lateral junctions.
  • Repairs circular and egg-shaped pipes made of concrete, asbestos cement, plastics (PVC, PP, HDPE), cast iron, ductile cast iron, reinforced concrete and vitrified clay.
  • Repairs entire pipe runs with size changes in between
  • Long service life due to high-quality materials


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