Oil Spillage Kits


The oil spillage unit has been developed for the cleaning of road surfaces that are soiled with oil or fuel. The unit can be build onto several trailers. In most cases it is also possible to install the unit underneath a truck or van.

The unit for containment of oil spills comprises:options

  • Spray booms for cleaning wide and narrow tracks of oil spillage
  • Injectors for injecting the right quantity of cleaning agent
  • Stainless steel tank for cleaning agent


Perfect for the cleaning of road surfaces that are soiled with oil or fuel.



Venturi-type Ejector


We can provide you with various versions. The open Venturi-type ejector and the Venturi-type ejector with filter have been developed to empty basements and pits using a high-pressure installation. The fixed, built-on Venturi-type ejector is intended to fill the water tank of the high-pressure device with surface water.


Open Venturi-type ejector

  • including 10 m. hose (ND50) and ½” HP hose coupling

Venturi-type ejector with filter

  • including 10-m hose (ND 50), filter, and ½” HP hose coupling

Fixed, built-on venturi-type ejector

  • including 10-m hose (ND 50) and filter
  • fixed on top of the water tank
  • capacity: 160-220 l/min.
  • maximum suction depth: 5-7 m.

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